African Ivory Essen is a German registered Organisation
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International Women Day

International Women’s Day is set aside to celebrate the achievement of women. It also offers an opportunity to ponder on the many questions about the place and role of women in society as well as their rights as members of human society.

Language and Training

The African Ivory is convinced that the key to integration is the ability to be at home with the language of any host country. This conviction is the major drive to our language course.

Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum has the goal of promoting African cultures, African Fashion and arts, and African Kitchen. 

Mentoring for Youths

Youths are very important both for the future of society and its progress.However, the youths must have the necessary tools which they need in order to be able to fulfill their duties to society. 

Summer Holiday Workshop

The Summer Holiday Workshop is an annual event organized by the African Ivory. The workshop takes place during the school summer holiday.

Mentoring for Children

The goal of the project is to offer children from the ages of 6 to 17, the needed help that will aid their growing up. Children receive lessons in English, Mathematics and German Language.

About Us

African Ivory Essen Germany is a German registered Organisation. It has its office in Kreuzeskirch str. 8 in Essen Germany. African Ivory has been in existence since 2012 but was registered in 2016. With its registration as a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organisation, it has the following goals:

  • To help in the integration of Africans and other Migrants into the life and culture of their host country, Germany especially those living in NRW
  • To help families in the arduous challenges of bringing up their children in the country
  • To offer seminars to Migrants on the law, culture, and life in Germany
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