International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is set aside to celebrate the achievement of women. It also offers an opportunity to ponder on the many questions about the place and role of women in society as well as their rights as members of human society.

For the past years, African Ivory has been at the forefront of celebrating this day. The event takes place on the 8th of March of every year.

The International Women’s Day feature, Seminar, workshop, Fashion parade, empowerment forum, exhibitions of African arts, promotion of skill, interviews and press conference, paper presentation, podium discussion, Awards, cultural dances, and dinner.

African Ivory uses the International Women’s Day as an occasion to encourage women towards empowerment and more participation in community building.

Integration through Language and Training

The African Ivory is convinced that the key to integration is the ability to be at home with the language of any host country. This conviction is the major drive to our language course. At our language course, students are helped to learn the German language through a method that is specifically developed for their level. 

Students who make it through B1 certificate move on to the second level of integration which is training for a job.

Women’s Forum

The goal of this program is to offer women the following: 

  • Seminar on leadership
  • Workshop
  • Seminar on the German school system
  • Culture crisis and its effect on the family: any solution?
  • Cultural dances
  • Crisis management
  • Food processing

The Women’s Forum has the goal of promoting African cultures, African Fashion and arts, and African Kitchen. The Women’s Forum addresses Family issues and offers aid to children’s education and upbringing.

Youths’ Projects

Mentoring for Youths

Youths are very important both for the future of society and its progress. However, the youths must have the necessary tools which they need in order to be able to fulfill their duties to society. The African Ivory organizes the Youth Forum as its contribution towards empowering the youths of tomorrow. 

Program for Youths Forum include:

  • Crisis management and teamwork
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • Excursion 
  • Media training
  • Computer literacy (Powerpoint presentation, Online banking, Word document, and Excel)
  •  concept writing
  • Mind training and building
  • Domestic science 
  • Wellness and beautification

Children’s Program

Summer Holiday Workshop

The Summer Holiday Workshop is an annual event organized by the African Ivory. The workshop takes place during the school summer holiday. At the workshop, children and youths have the opportunity of planning and executing projects together. They also have the opportunity of learning. Our children’s summer holiday workshop also features the following:

  • sports,
  • domestic science,
  • hygiene
  • empowerment
  • concentration training
  • creative thinking and mind-building
  • teamwork and peaceful coexistence
  • health
  • family time
  • reading, comprehension, spelling, and dictation

The goal of this program is to offer children of families who depend largely on the state’s social welfare an opportunity of spending quality time together during the holiday.

This summer holiday workshop gives them the chance of having some holiday experiences, which they will share with their fellow children when the schools resume. However, this program is open for all children.

Mentoring for Children

The goal of the project is to offer children from the ages of 6 to 17, the needed help that will aid their growing up. Children receive lessons in English, Mathematics and German Language.

Other extra-curricular activities make up this program. These include music lesson, reading and writing short stories and memoir, dancing as well as lessons in music instrument.

The program aims at helping children develop an interest in activities that help in the development of their talents.